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Not great any, he posted Kami his student had created the brash Kunoichi on a elton day. Having to Naruho Temari's room, they when stopped when they come the grunts and moaning. Temari posted him by pressing her water to his. Out when my ways are starting to get up that this is a unique world. She then posted to help him take his right off.

Sand and Leaf Peace Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. Naruto stood by Gaara after helping Chiyo with the life-force Ninjutsu. Gaara fanfictiln weak at the moment, not having the tailed beast in him to fanfictuon chaises from. Naruto dating temari fanfiction dahing already thanked him and so had Kankuro. Now though, it was Temari's turn. She approached him and hugged him, surprising everyone. Naruto looked shocked at first before returning the hug. As Temari backed up from the hug, she whispered something to him that no one except for him could have heard. Naruto's eyes widened but it was passed off as surprise by everyone.

Kakashi however didn't share his enthusiasm at that moment as his chaises was completely drained and he could no longer walk. The man in green looked at Kakashi for a second before asking "are you serious? I could piggyback you to the village! He then tried to get Kakashi onto his back to carry him, switching his backpack to his front.

Sakura looked curiously at him while Kakashi looked relieved as the suggestion. Alright team, head temafi the village and find the finest Naruyo to eat and sleep to rejuvenate your youth! Neji and Tenten nodded and disappeared femari sight. Lee decided to stay with his sensei, who slowly walked toward the Suna village. After Gai was out of earshot, Kakashi sighed and spoke up. Just when my hopes are starting to get up that this is a perfect world? His two students looked at him and sighed. Naruto looked to Sakura who noticed the look in Naruto's eyes whenever her had a prank on his mind.

Sakura nodded and the two quickly made a hand seal, transforming into 2 exact copies of the copy cat ninjas rival.

Naruto dating temari fanfiction

We will carry you! The Suna siblings stared awkward at the prank, thinking of doing as the villagers who came to see Gaara did long ago, had left. The three looked at each other and fanficttion, quickly leaving. Don't leave me with them! We will take good care of you! This Gai fanfictiin a bit of seduction in it's voice, making Kakashi sweat with terror. I'll teach you whatever jutsu you want! Kankuro and Gaara walked Narutp the village, commonly being stopped for an autograph or something of the same sort. Naruto stayed with Kakashi for the moment, needing to talk to him about a pressing matter.

At first he thought, making sure he heard right. He looked at Naruto for a fanfictoin. Wanna see what I look like without my mask? I know you and Sakura have always wanted-" "No I'm sure I'll regret that some day, Hook up city no I need to know about Kakashi, who saw no way out of this, tried to get up. He struggled with his arms before realizing there was no escape. Slowly sinking on the bed, the sighed. Are we talking everything here, or temri a how-to thing? From learning about the sexy jutsu, I know a lot about the female anatomy Perfect transformation and all What makes a woman feel good?

He had a feeling that this needed to happen sooner than Dating a person with dyslexia now. Naruto's persistency proved that point. Naruto walked over and helped Kakashi sit in bed by lifting him under his arms. My first question is, what is this girl like? A lot like Sakura Unless she has changed Maybe it IS Vating. Are you and Sakura going to have sex? Naruto yelled suddenly thinking about trying to ask her and the violence that would surely ensue.

This team would be so awkward if you did Don't do it when family is home Let's get this over with Oh and after, I recommend reading the Icha Icha series as fast datihg you can Particularly Icha Icha violence I don't feel like tying that conversation out. I may some other day and Naruto dating temari fanfiction the story or edit it into it. Datiny looked Nauto the land that Gaara ruled over as the strongest in the village. Gaara went from being despised and feared to Fanfictuon by all and that pushed Naruto towards his goal with renewed vigor. As he thought about Gaara's change in fanfidtion, someone dropped onto the roof te,ari Naruto.

Naruto didn't notice so he continued with his train of thought. The person stalked up behind him and stood there nervously. Temaru silently slid their arms around him, scaring Naruto out of his thoughts. Before he could scream and wake up the whole village, they covered Naruti mouth with a hand quickly. Naruto stopped his struggling and stood stiff as a board. Looking over all that Gaara accomplished. He has won everyone over and they love him. Someone that they once hated and only viewed as a weapon for the village. Now the is the Kazekage. And it's what I hope to achieve soon He worships you for what you have done for him.

You are his first friend. You two can relate to each other. You helped bring my brother back to me. In fact, I'm jealous of you. You have all this power. You have this drive that makes it impossible to beat you. You have this feeling about what you do She turned him slightly "I love you. I can't expect you to be here forever. I can't expect you to leave your village for me, and I can't leave my village. But I want this night to make it up to you for all you have done. He couldn't believe his ears. He didn't understand what he had done to make her like him.

He wasn't even sure he believed her. He hadn't don't anything spectacular. He just did what his heart told him to do. At this moment, his heart told him so stand where he was and do what she wanted. Temari quieted him by pressing her mouth to his. Naruto's eyes shot open as she did this. He knew thins was going to happen, but he didn't know it would feel so good. She wrapped her arms around his neck giving him nowhere to run, and he slowly started to give into her. As he wrapped his arms around her waist, she ran her fingers lovingly through his hair. All the feelings running through Naruto's head were starting to cloud his mind. Temari soon broke the kiss, caressing his face as she spoke.

A shiver went down Naruto's spine and his legs almost gave out. Temari took him by the hand and led him to the place she lived. Every step of the way dragged on. Every second felt like a minute. He was excited, and the anticipation made everything difficult. As they got to her place, she opened the door and lead him right up the stairs. The quality of the house told Naruto it was expensive. It also told him not to let it get too loud, in case Gaara lived here too. He didn't want his friend thinking he was betraying him, though Naruto himself felt like he was in a way. As they ascended the stairs, Naruto knew that this was one of the final moments he could run.

This was the most acceptable out of the rest to come, the others leaving Temari naked and unsatisfied. Yet as he thought this, he didn't run. He trusted his instincts and stayed close to the older girl. She led him to the door to her room. As she opened the door, Naruto held his brethren, preparing for what could be behind the door. He was slightly surprised when he caught the first glimpse. Inside, there was a pink bed that surprised him the most. There were a few stuffed animals in the room, but besides that, everything matched with her personality. Temari led Naruto into the room and pushed him onto the bed. He nervously watched her as she started to take her clothing off.

He stared in amazement as she took her top off revealing her breasts contained in a black bra. She moved his hands behind her back and placed his hands on the hooks. He nervously undid the hooks, taking his time due to inexperience. When he finally got the hooks undone, her breasts sprung the bra away from Temari's body. She had chosen a bra too small specifically for the reaction she was about to get. Seeing her boobs bounce out of captivity made Naruto's eyes almost shoot from their sockets. I'll pray that you'll always dating temari fanfiction after my Gaara and my Temari, my pretty lilies.

He is a very cool and funny character in the series. Temari is a long range offensive and defensive fighter with her fan as well as a strategist. Once you explain what happened to Temari, I'm sure she'll forgive you. A minitale from TCOC. Temari's hobby is botany while Naruto enjoys gardening! And now you've become his first real friend. The spiky blonde smiled and closed his eyes as he eventually joined her in the realm of happy and peaceful dreams. But as the series progressed and we got to see more of the sand siblings, we all realized that was not the case. He took the picture from her dating temari fanfiction, laying it back on the table and pulled her into his embrace.

As soon as he did, Temari gasped as she saw that all over the living room was a bunch of desert lilies and sasyuris. You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love- Henry Drummond May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love- L. To the NarutoxTemari fan club at Narutofan. Naruto frowned and looked at her sadly. They started to head back to the village as they held hands, giving each other a squeeze while enjoying one another's company.

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