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Hook up cb radio your home

Where ever the stress fits is fine. No plan and rado your video supply time before you feel and raduo the faucet. This will easy be one of three categories of opposite antennas This is what people cable looks like with it's PL cubes since, the piece shown above is a "hard", your actual antenna discover will be 10 old or longer Antennas To, you'll probably find a elton antenna stored with the CB in the posted. A power mic So you feel something about recommendations, you'll have to have a straightforward Wire this new mic into your assist.

When folks began stripping CB's out of their vehicles in the 's, they usually pulled the coax cable and antenna off the vehicle and put it with the CB radio in storage. If you plan to have your antenna near your shelter you can usually make the coax cable from the original vehicle setup work just fine. If you have this cable already, rdio ahead of the game! This is what coax cable looks like with it's Raido plugs attached, the piece bc above is a "jumper", your actual antenna coax will you 10 feet or longer Antennas Again, you'll probably find a mobile antenna stored with the CB in the shed.

This will probably be one of three kinds of mobile antennas All of these can be used with our expedient Comms raido. I say a whip antenna is probably best for several reasons. There is no real standing wave associated with a whip antenna so there's no reason to fool with a Standing Wave meter. Whip antennas are longer slightly more range and they're easier to work with. Mounting a whip antenna is simple as long as all the parts are there and it's assembled and it'll most likely already be assembled if it hoome in storage, probably with the coax already attached. At this point it's simply a matter of attaching the Antenna radko your roof or a pole of some sort.

Avoid power lines when you are handling an antenna, even getting the antenna CLOSE to a power line can be lethal!!!! Tadio Pictures above show a basic inch Whip antenna, this can be removed from Hook up cb radio your home vehicle and attached to your shelter roof, a tree or a pole. If you have a gutter mount, or magnetic mount antenna in storage, the process homs about the same, simply attach it to your roof or a pole, the standing wave on these is probably already set, but get a friend knowledgeable in setting standing waves to come over and assist you!

Whip antennas are pre-cut to this length, but gutter mounted or magnetic mounted antennas have a set screw that allows you to adjust the length of the antenna. If you don't have a proper standing wave, not only will your range be affected, but you risk damaging your radio. When you use an antenna that is not properly adjusted, some of the transmit power is reflected back into the radio If this happens, you now have a "Receive only unit". Again, if you are unsure, grab a friend that knows a little about this stuff and have him do it for you. To aid in this Since screaming into a microphone can be tiresome ; many people get a "Power mic". This is a battery enhanced microphone that amplifies your voice many times before the radio transmits it.

You can get a few extra miles of range sometimes by using a power mic. A power mic Unless you know something about electronics, you'll have to have a professional Wire this new mic into your radio DO NOT simply plug it in and try to use it unless is specifically says it is already set up for your radio! The plug might fit, but the wiring inside is probably different than what your radio needs. A simpler way A simpler method of using a vehicle mounted CB radio inside your shelter is to just park your car very near the shelter, pull the CB Radio out of the car and hook it up inside the shelter to your battery bank or Power supply Having your vehicle near your shelter also provides you with some additional shielding from Radiation, EMP, and allows you to use the car as a generator in an emergency by hooking an inverter to your car's battery.

Cranking the car every hour or so and letting it run about minutes while there is no immediate danger will keep the battery charged. Tips There is an old saying that's very true when it comes to radios. If you're planning to spend any money on your emergency comms set up, put the money into a decent antenna. This article simply covers the basics of hooking up an emergency, field expedient radio to your shelter, assuming that you have a little advanced warning of an event. If you want a more permanent setup, get a good antenna, poles, thicker coax cable, etc, and install it. But if you need something fast and dirty, the above procedures will work. If things are so bad that you're in your shelter, the last thing you want is for a lot of people to know where you are.

When you press your microphone, people with the right equipment and most all ham operators have "the right equipment" can pin point your location to within a few feet! Don't transmit unless you absolutely HAVE too! Additionally, listening to your radio doesn't require much power at all, but transmitting takes much power from your Batteries. This is important to know if your shelter is running off a bank of batteries. You can listen to others talk without damaging your radio, but if your antenna is messed up, you'll ruin your transmit ability. Try touching your jumper wire from the other unit's antenna to the center connection of your coax's plug Even getting an antenna close to a power line can kill you!

During an emergency, the ability to communicate can be crucial. News, weather, the ability to call for help, can make shelter life MUCH more bearable. Also when you hang the mike, make sure the mike wire isn't swinging back and ravio because bending it Hoook and forth will shorten it's life too. Radios come with a fuse at the radio end but that doesn't protect the wire itself. Always plan and run your power supply wire before you drill and mount the radio. Antenna Coax Just a reminder to always plan and run your coax before you drill for mounting the antenna s See Antennas. Proper install procedure requires that you finish up each install by double checking your work and testing the system.

Make sure the vehicle is tidied up and check for any misplaced tools Big Radios Some CB radios come with built in linears so you should treat them like a linear when installing. Follow the same power and antenna requirements as linears shown below Linear Amplifiers Again, don't mount your linear close to the heater or it will cook. Do mount it where it can get enough air circulation to cool. Do mount it away from any electronics or wires leading to electronics. Use at least 10 wire and make sure the connections on each end use all the wire and are tight and stay that way. Use larger wire if your linear is over watts.

If you starve your linear for power it won't work right at all. To test for proper power hook a volt meter up right next to the linear and key it up. If the volts drop way Hook up cb radio your home use bigger wire. If your linear buzzes or clicks a lot when you talk on sideband you need a delay to keep it on for a second or two and it won't buzz. Just make sure the linear is made for sideband use when you buy it and it will have a built in delay. Use mini 8x coax and an antenna that is rated for the power you're using. To tune the antenna, hook it up without the linear in line. Hook a short coax directly from the radio into the SWR meter and from the meter directly to the antenna.

If you leave the linear in line you will get an erroneous SWR reading, your antenna won't be tuned right so you won't get good performance and you will shorten the linear's life. If you leave the meters or any other goodies in line between the radio and the linear or the linear and the antenna you will lose power because it will detune your system. Some meters or goodies are worse then others. Do not wrap extra coax in a small coil, make one or two loops.

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